100 TO GO

One man's quest to lose 100 pounds.

Moving Forward.

Weight: 339.4

Lost this weigh in: 2

Lost total: 17.6

82.4 to go.

I cheated a few times last week. Not happy with myself. However, it hasn’t completely derailed me. I’m back on, Full force today. Adding chia seeds now too.

Day 8

Weight: 341.4

Lost this weigh in: 2.7

Lost total: 15.6

84.4 to go.

Let’s swith to regular numbers shall we? Went out of town for the weekend to visit the in-laws. Brought the juicer with us. No service station meals. No Sbarro. No Hardees. No Starbucks. Just juice. When we got to town, my wife’s parents had already been briefed on what we’re doing as to not take us off track. They had even watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead after we told them about it. And the next day, we even went out with them because THEY were purchasing a juicer and were going to try juicing themselves! That night we watched Hunger for Change, it was a good reminder and inspiration. This dude on their lost 225 lbs. Jeez. I cheated just a little last night. Had a smoothie with ice, juiced oranges, strawberries and a banana. And a smallllll piece of bread. But the good news is, that did’t derail me. I’m still right on track. If I’m still juicing a week from today, I should be able to start noticing the results physically. Can’t wait.

Day V

Weight: 344.2

Lost this weigh in: 0

Lost total: 12.8

87.2 to go.

Still in it. The juice yesterday for breakfast and lunch was disgusting. Wayyyy to much tomato. Kind of turned me off. But when we got home, we went back to our original recipe which tastes great. No weight change today, but at least it didn’t go the other way.

Day IV

Weight: 344.2

Lost this weight in: 2.2

Lost total: 12.8

87.2 to go.

We were too lazy to go to the grocery store last night and stock up, so we decided to make due with what we had in the fridge. So there it was, this giant beet that we bought. I’ve never had beets. I never planned on having beets. But we did. We made to juices. The first consisted of beets, a carrots, and 3 small apples, the second, beets, 6 carrots and a bunch of grapes. Eating beets felt like eating my backyard. I as not a fan at all. The consistency and color made it look like a raspberry smoothie, but it certainly was not!


Weight: 346.4

Lost this weight in: 4.2

Lost total: 10.6

89.4 to go.

Went to the movies last night. The popcorn looked really good. Oh well! Day three and still going strong. The juice is making both Allie and my teeth feel really filmy. Having to brush more than usual. I weighed in last night for a total loss of 10.6 lbs. This seems crazy. Maybe it’s mostly water weight that I’m losing? I’m sure I won’t continue to lose weight this quickly but it sure is a nice jolt of inspiration.

Day II

Well, I’m still here. I’ve completed one full day of the juice cleanse. So far it’s been going well. 

It’s weird how you notice your instincts. Last night I was in the kitchen getting things ready and I just wanted to grab a piece of cheese and eat it. Because that’s something I would have done before. 

I also find that I’m looking at money differently. I saw a couple bucks on the table, and instantaneously in my head that transformed into, “I can get a diet coke and some food with that.” I never noticed myself making that correlation before.

This morning when I weighed myself, I was pretty low. I’m assuming it’s just water weight. We’ll see what happens next.

Weight: 351.8

Lost this weight in: 4.2

Lost total: 4.2

94.8 to go.

The beginning.

I’ve tried this before. I’ve even made multiple Tumblr blogs to track my success. And I’ve failed. Every time. I’m 31 years old and I way 357 pounds. It’s the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. It’s terrible. it effects every single aspect of my life. My clothes, my health, my relationships, my job, my marriage, everything. I’m ashamed of myself. I hate the way I look and I have to plaster fake smiles on day after day after day so that I don’t bother anyone with my misery.

I’ve tried so many things, but I just can’t stay consistent.

Over the weekend my wife and I watched to documentaries that changed things. Hungry for Change, and Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead. They actually both ended up being about juicing. In Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead, the filmmaker dropped 70 lbs. in two months, simply by juicing.

We’re going to try it. it seems easy enough.  Lots of veggies. A controlled diet. I get that I can’t do it forever, but this will be a good start for sure. 

We’re doing a ten day cleanse. At least that’s what Allie and I have decided. But in my head, I’m doing 60. Just like the guy in the movie.

The time is now.              


100 to go.

JUICE - 24oz:

5 Cups of Kale
3 Apples
1 Orange
1/2 Lemon
4 Stalks of Celery
Ginger Root